Aurelia Frick at the UN General Assembly: Strengthening the protection of civilians

At the conclusion of her visit to New York, Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick gave the Liechtenstein speech to the General Assembly. She underscored the country's commitment to the United Nations: "The UN is a key platform for our Government's foreign policy, and it enjoys strong approval in our population. It has achieved much since its founding 70 years ago," especially in humanitarian assistance, economic development, and the protection of human rights. However, the organization often is measured in terms of the achievements of the Security Council, especially in the case of massive crimes against civilian populations. "In these situations, people place their hopes in the UN. But all too often, they are disappointed – such as in the cases of Rwanda, Srebrenica, and now Syria." Foreign Minister Frick thus called upon the member States to join the code of conduct on the protection of civilians, which was presented by Liechtenstein and is already supported by 60 States.

The numerous escalating conflicts also show, however, that the organization must invest far more in preventive crisis diplomacy. Aurelia Frick supported the appeal launched by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at the beginning of the General Debate to improve the inclusion of women in conflict resolution. Women and girls must also be better protected from sexual violence in wars. She furthermore called for stronger support for the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC plays a central role in the fight against the most serious crimes against civilians, but it often has to negotiate difficult political terrain in this regard.

On the migration crisis, the Foreign Minister emphasized, "Europe is not just a continent. It is also a symbol of common values and common solutions. Liechtenstein will make its contribution." The refugee problem is ultimately not a regional phenomenon, but rather must be approached globally. The great majority of displaced persons are now located in countries near the crisis areas.

After about 40 official meetings at UN Headquarters, Prime Minister Aurelia Frick gave a positive assessment: "The initiatives on the code of conduct and the ICC are meeting with a great response, which strengthens our reputation and international network enormously. I am very pleased that over the 25 years of Liechtenstein's UN membership, we have developed such a visible profile."

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