Very positive response to Liechtenstein's UN initiatives

As part of the high-level week at UN Headquarters, Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick presented several current Liechtenstein initiatives. The emphasis was on the code of conduct for the protection of civilians, developed under the leadership of Liechtenstein, which the Foreign Minister outlined directly in the UN Security Council. More than 50 States have already formally joined the initiative, indicating their intent to strengthen the ability of the Security Council to act in cases of mass crimes. "With the United Kingdom and France, two of the five veto powers support the code. This underscores the political relevance of the initiative and is at the same time a major success for Liechtenstein foreign policy," said Aurelia Frick.

14 foreign ministers from around the world accepted Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick's invitation to the annual meeting of the Ministerial Network for the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ministers adopted a plan of action to extend ICC jurisdiction as proposed by Liechtenstein. About two thirds of all States have joined the ICC Statute so far and have thus committed not to tolerate impunity for the most serious crimes. Together with her Swedish counterpart Margot Wallström, Aurelia Frick also held a meeting of women foreign ministers: "The number of women in this position worldwide has doubled over the past ten years. This is a good sign and at the same time a reason to strengthen our network, so that we can jointly advance equal treatment within the UN."

The Foreign Minister also used the visit for talks with high-ranking UN representatives as well as for bilateral meetings, including on financial centre topics. In particular, she signed two double taxation agreements with Andorra and the United Arab Emirates. The social highlight was the traditional reception by US President Barack Obama. On Friday, 2 October 2015, Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick will give the Liechtenstein speech in the General Debate; it can be watched live online (webtv.un.org, approx. 5:30 p.m. CEST).


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