Aurelia Frick opens high-level meeting on UN reform in Liechtenstein

At the invitation of Aurelia Frick, representatives of The Elders and other high-ranking individuals took part in a meeting in Liechtenstein to discuss key aspects of UN reform. The focus of the discussions was on enlargement of the Security Council, a code of conduct for voting in the Security Council, and the upcoming election of the UN Secretary-General in 2016. The meeting, which took place on 5/6 September 2015, was attended by the Elders Lakhdar Brahimi (former UN Special Representative for Syria, UN Special Envoy in Iraq), Gro Harlem Brundtland (former Prime Minister of Norway), and Martti Ahtisaari (former President of Finland).

The Elders are a group of leaders who no longer hold public office, but who use their influence, relationships, and experiences to help solve global problems and promote peace. Their resulting political independence and ability to speak "freely and boldly" is a key characteristic of The Elders. Since the founding of the group in 2007 by Nelson Mandela, representatives of the group have met regularly.

Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick expressed her great satisfaction that this high-calibre group came together for a meeting in Liechtenstein: "The contentious issues dealt with by The Elders are among the priorities of Liechtenstein's foreign policy. With initiatives for a code of conduct in the Security Council and a model for enlargement of the Security Council, we have been engaged for years on behalf of UN reform. In this way, we aim to enhance the effectiveness and legitimacy of the UN and contribute to a strengthening of the organization. That we are able to discuss our initiatives within the framework of this Elders meeting is a superb opportunity to find influential multipliers for our approaches. In return, we are able to offer the participants – including the President of the UN General Assembly and numerous former foreign ministers – a platform for an open and creative dialogue in Liechtenstein far from the usual venues."

Representatives of The Elders with Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick

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